Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of the frequently asked questions. Please contact me if you have other questions. Thanks!
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Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q Help:

  1. What is a bump script
    The Bump script is a powerful new website traffic and income generating tool built on the new eBay RSS V2 feed that provides free advertising by eBay sellers to advertise directly on your website in real time.

  2. How does it work
    Visitor just enters there eBay Item number and we do the reset. The newly bumped item will display in the next spot on the page as the other bumped boxes are bumped right on the page. When a bumped item reaches the end of the row, it is bumped to the next row below until it is bumped off the page.

  3. What are the benefits of the Bump
    The EPN Bump Scripts provide two major benefits. Making money through eBay's EPN Affiliate program is the first benefit. eBay Pays you to send traffic to the eBay website. By providing free eBay auction advertising via the bump script you are providing a free service to eBay Sellers. The second major benefit is the traffic to your website. The eBay Auction Bump script has been proven over and over to bring in consistent new and repeat traffic to your website. Traffic equals sales and the more traffic to your website the more potential for sales of not only the bumped eBay items but also increased sales of your website items and website advertising.

  4. What does EPN stand for
    EPN stands for the eBay Partner Network. It is the eBay Affiliate program where eBay pays you money to send traffic to eBay.

  5. Is it FREE to Bump my auctions
    Yes, bumping your eBay Auctions is 100% Free. There are no fees, just click and bump, that's it. The Auction Bump and all other of the bumps are a free advertising service provided by

  6. Are there different Bumps
    Yes, the bump script is not just for eBay Auctions. I have several other bump scripts which include the eBay Store Bump and the Blog Blump.

  7. Can anyone bump
    Yes, anyone visiting your website can bump on the bump script. However, the bump script does have a built in tool which allows you to ban by IP address anyone from bumping on your website.

  8. What is required to run this script
    The EPN script is written in PHP and MYSQL so you will need Linux Hosting with PHP v4.3 or higher; and at least 1 MYSQL Database.

  9. How do I know if I have PHP installed
    If your not sure if your hosting has PHP installed or what version of PHP then just perform this simple test. Test for PHP

  10. Can I Resell the Bump Script
    No, you cannot sell the bump script software on eBay or any other online website. Reselling the bump script is in violation of the TOS agreement you electronically signed as part of the agreement during purchase of this software.

  11. Can I sell my website that has the bump script
    Yes, if you purchased the bump script and installed it on your website you may sell that website with the bump script installed on it ONLY if you are selling the domain associated with the hosting where the bump script is installed. You may NOT sell the bump script individually. One bump script license per website. Additional bump script licenses may be purchased at a discounted price, please contact me first.


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